The Walk

Leith Walk is one of the longest and most vibrant streets in Edinburgh.

Along with being incredibly multicultural, it’s bursting with energy. Indian restaurants, Scottish chip shops, Mexican takeaways, Portuguese coffee shops, Polish supermarkets, Canadian bagels, African hairdressers, tanning salons, hostels, pet shops, furniture, PC repairs, games, bikes, vintage clothing, jewellery — Leith Walk has it all.

Almost every day I walk up and down this street, drinking coffee, buying groceries, people watching, and of course, taking portraits. Each time I fall in love with the people, lights and colours, and even the textures of various buildings with their unique patterns and shades.

I found another source of inspiration for this series in typological photography, particularly August Sander’s 1929 series of portraits titled, ‘Face of Our Time’, and Bernd and Hilla Becher’s works.

As someone who moved to Leith from another country, I feel like both an insider (as someone who lives here) and an outsider (as someone who isn’t from here). It lets me see the street through a different lens, which is why I’ve been taking portraits of Leith Walkers since May 2018 in an effort to capture their beauty and diversity.

Client: Self-initiated
Date: 2018 — walk in progress
Services: Photography
Featured in: BBC News