Black Friday is a big deal among businesses all over the world. Being hyped up because of large discounts, online customers buy a lot of stuff, very often not actually needing it. That results in frustration a few weeks later. When people miss out on they wanted to purchase, it also leads to stress and annoyance.

To save people’s time and promote our shop Unspiration, we offered Frustration straight away: a real landing page promoting a non-existent product. The most honest Black Friday deal ever.

Client: Unspiration
Date: 2018
Services: Branding, Art Direction, Design, Marketing​​​​​​

We ensured our landing page was simple and uncluttered, having a clear focus on the main benefit: pay for nothing and get frustration straight away. The more you pay, the more frustrated you get.

The Frustration came in three sizes: small, medium and large, costing £5, £25 and £100 respectively. We made it clear the product didn’t exist in reality and the packaging shown was for illustration purpose only.

When the first order came in, we got excited and confused at the same time. Who would in their right mind ever pay money for this?

“It'd go hand in hand with the disappointment I get from my friends and family every day”

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To raise awareness around Frustration on the day of Black Friday, we have partnered with Harrison Osterfield, an English actor and influencer. His quirky sense of humour perfectly matched our requirements.

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Ilya Ilford — art direction, graphic design, copywriting, marketing
Elena Ilford — copywriting and marketing​​​​​​

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