I’m Ilya, an award-losing designer & photographer.

I was born in Moscow, Russia before I moved to the UK, and I currently live in Edinburgh, Scotland. For over seven years I worked in digital marketing, with clients such as Microsoft and Skyscanner (growth + social media + apps + SEO), until I followed my passion and transitioned into graphic design full time.

My approach starts with critical thinking. To gain a thorough understanding of a task, I ask questions, look at data analytics, and define clear metrics of success. I enjoy creating simple, elegant and effective design solutions – although believe they’re never created in isolation, but through collaboration and mutual trust.

My work has been featured on BBC News, ProductHunt, Muzli by InVision, Mindsparkle Mag, TrendHunter, One Page Love, 9Gag & Bored Panda.

In my spare time I enjoy making portraits of people I meet on the streets, drinking cappuccino, playing my Gretsch guitar, collecting Japanese action figures, and travelling around the world.

Get in touch: hello@ilyailford.com

Follow: Instagram, LinkedIn, Dribbble.

Very occasionally, I write about street photography, travel, and random stuff.

No spam, no advertising of any kind. I may send pictures of cats though.

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